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Writing: Process 

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Describing a Process or a Procedure


Describing a process means writing about how something is made or how something happens. Examples: the rainwater cycle, how coffee is grown, how glass is made, getting a driving license, starting a business.


First, look at these introductory pages which give information on the Active and Passive voice and when they should be used.

  1. Layout of Process Essay
  2. More about the Passive
  3. Popcorn and Coffee: Passive and Active
  4. Using a Computer: Passive and Active
  5. Even more about the Active and Passive
  6. Exercise Sentences
  7. Changing a Tyre
  8. Exercise: Making Bread
  9. Expanding Your Essay: Adding Where or Why to each stage
  10. Gap-fill exercise  Changing a tyre 
  11. Process writing tips  

Exercises with Resources, Videos, Background Information

Click for exercises on the following topics

Other topics you could write about for practice:

Useful Links for Passive and ProcessCoca Cola Logo: Click to go to Coca Cola's Australian site: How Coke is made

Two sites describing how Bread is made (the kind with yeast, not flat Arabic bread)

Vocabulary and Grammar for Writing About Process



Under procedure, we will be writing about following and giving instructions and directions.

Click here for exercises and materials on Procedure



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