Water Shortages: Problem and Solution

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Water is life: life is water. Indeed, water shortage is a serious . Unfortunately, many countries in the Middle East are now facing this problem. Below I will outline some reasons for this and suggest some possible .

Starting with causes, one of the greatest is the growing population in the region. This means there are more demands on the water supply. For , more land is used to supply food and so more water is needed for irrigation. Some water comes from desalination plants, but some also comes from scarce underground reserves. A reason is water pollution. To , with increased industrialisation comes the increased use of chemicals and this means there is less good water available for human use. A factor is that as countries become richer, people use more and more in their homes. For people like to bathe or shower every day.

Turning to , one is to make more water available. This can be done by building more desalination plants which, in turn, increases the amount of water. Another is to protect existing underground water supplies: we can take steps to prevent them from becoming polluted. A final workable solution is educating people so that they do not waste water. To , recycled water can be used to flush toilets and, on a larger scale, to irrigate farms.

In these are some ideas to help the problem. It is essential that everyone, including governments, become involved in finding a lasting solution.