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Writing about Graphs

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Writing about Graphs and Charts

Quick Links:

  • Pie Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Line Graphs
  • Tables
  • Diagrams
  • Language Exercises
  • Statistics Links
  • For Teachers
  • Note: Don't forget that as well as graphs, tables, and charts, you may get maps, pictures, and diagrams.  These seem to be appearing more often in IELTS Task 1. Click here for some examples.


    Pie Charts

    Read this introduction to Pie Charts.

    Try the following exercises with ONE pie chart

    Try the following exercises on TWO (or more) pie charts

    Check your work with this PieChart Writing Checklist activity.

    See also For Teachers below, and see some real pie-charts on the web here.

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    Line Graphs

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    Bar ChartsPhoto: Dates -  full of antioxidants and phosphorus. Get your dried fruit from

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    Now, what other things could be compared in a table?

    Hmmm! Use your imagination to think of more tables!

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    Diagrams, Pictures and Maps

    This section has some pictures, diagrams and other ways of showing data. These seem to be becoming more common as tasks in the IELTS writing exam (Academic track, Task 1).

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    The Language of Graph Writing: Exercises


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    Links to Statistics

    Nationmaster ( has thousands of customizable graphs on dozens of topics. Generate your own charts and tables. (recommended)

    Most large countries have websites for their national statistics office. Here are some starter links

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    Writing Checklist

    Writing Checklist: Check your graph writing with this checklist. Get higher marks! (MS Word - right-click to download)

    For Teachers

    Download this Acrobat *.pdf file which has an activity on comparing two pie-charts ("Leading causes of death in young people and older people in the US.") By Julie A. Ellsworth, hosted on the  Darmouth College website: Fluctuating? Click for larger viewComparison Graph

    An Acrobat file with dozens of UK household statistics, from the UK  Make your own activities. The link to the original file is here, with Excel charts so you can reformat. Comparison Graph

    Simple introductory activities for pie-charts from the UK's Teacher Training Agency: Bar Charts, Pie Charts. Comparison Graph

    Great compare/contrast materials on California and South Africa -  good for graph writing or for environmental/social discussion. From the Population Reference Bureau. (Pdf Acrobat file - right-click and save to your desktop.) Comparison Graph

    Pie chart comparison: Communication activity for two partners from TJ Everest. Microsoft Word file - right-click and save to your desktop. Comparison Graph

    Graphs for fun. Warning: songs and other cultural references! new!

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