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Cause and Effect

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Writing about Cause and Effect

PowerPoint Presentations

These two presentations show how to organize a Cause and Effect essay.

  1. Traffic Congestion in Abu Dhabi How to write Introductions, Cause paragraphs, Effect paragraphs and Conclusions. (Right-click, Save Target as.. 146kb)
  2. Divorce in the UAE. A Powerpoint presentation about Causes and Effects (Right-click, Save Target as... 550kb) new!

  3. Destruction of the Rainforest. A Powerpoint presentation about Causes and Effects (Right-click, Save Target as... 550kb)
  4. Sharks - Causes and Effects of Overfishing (Powerpoint - 246kb).

    New! Before you look at the PowerPoint presentation above, visit this BBC website, and download and read this document and answer the questions (Microsoft Word -  right-click and save to your desktop: 50kb.

    Here is one suggested answer, and an essay by Khalid Al Khouri

Student PowerPoint Presentations

Two Cause & Effect presentations from Level 2 students.

ReadingPicture: Shrimps. Click to go to a reading on the effect of shrimp farming

Essay Models

  1. Why is Fast Food so popular in the UAE?
  1. Essay about Traffic Congestion in Abu Dhabi (Version 1)
  2. Another essay about Traffic Congestion in Abu Dhabi, by student Saleh Salem Al Braiki

  3. Read another Cause and Effect essay about traffic in Abu Dhabi.(Version 2)
  4. Causes and Effects of Obesity. This page has information and mostly problem and solution essays. You should be able to turn these into cause and effect essays. Read one model here. Also, see this external page: Obesity in the UAE.

  5. Telecommuting
  6. Homework
  7. The UAE Marriage Fund. Has it succeeded? Why was it set up?
  8. Student Essay on the Causes and Effects of Divorce
        Omar Ahmed

Short Online Exercises

  1. Match the sentences -  Abu Dhabi Traffic
  2. Adverb Clauses. Advanced. A graded multiple-choice quiz on adverb clauses from 
  3. A gapfill exercise on smoking.
  4. A gapfill exercise on transport
  5. An easy quiz from San Mateo Community College
  6. Identify cause and effect in these short quizzes from Sam Houston State Univ - Test 1, Test 2, Test 3
  7. Do questions 11-24 in this quiz: affect and effect.
  8. Find the mistakes in the Cause and Effect conjunctions here. (University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana). 
  9. From the same site, try this exercise on joining sentences Discuss the answers with a colleague - it's tricky to type.
  10. An article and questions on effects of using mobile phones and laptops. (Also available in Word format)

  11. Cause and Effect: Adverb Phrases

Longer Exercises

Essays and Readings

Marriage and Modern Development (Gulf News, Mar 03: HTML copy

Divorce Rates Plummet in Dubai (Gulf News, Aug 03: Read HTML copy

Saudi Man Weds 13-year-old (AlSharq Alaswat, Mar 04 HTML copy

Causes of Divorce (
HTML copy)

For Teachers (and Students)

Topics for you to write about


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